Does your life have a SPAM filter?

Many people think those who were born in the 21st century are the most fortunate people. Yes, there is some truth to that statement, but now we are going to look at how the young generation can recognize one of the most powerful dangers of the 21st century by installing life’s most important SPAM filter in their heart.

Let’s look at what SPAM is. SPAM’s full form is Sales Promotional Advertising Message. This is a very popular term for email programs for guarding its inbox by blocking unnecessary, unhealthy, and unworthy messages from coming into the box. SPAM doesn’t come from our friends or anyone we are working for. It comes from bad guys, or those who want to sell me what I don’t want. If I start reading my SPAM messages, my time will be wasted, and money and identity could be stolen. The consequences could be even more destructive. So, I really love my email’s SPAM message filter. It will recognize those messages and put them in a different message box for 30 days and then they will be automatically deleted.

It is the same in life. There are bad guys who are trying to catch my attention, time and money, and even my identity. They are not for my good or benefit. They are not there for me. They keep giving different kinds of messages. They attract me with lots of promises. They do the same to you.

So, how do we guard ourselves from those kinds of messages in real life? How can we ignore them and not let them come into our hearts? Our heart is like an “inbox” – a very important place.

Proverbs 4:23 says this: “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” (ESV)

Your heart is a very important place, so do not let unworthy messages get into it because that place is supposed to be filled with the truth that brings you life. God’s Word is your heart’s SPAM filter.

Install God’s Word into your heart daily, and your heart will be Spam Free.


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